A Memorable Performance at Budleigh Music Festival

A trip to the coast with Future Talent! Performing a World Premiere at Budleigh Music Festival.
July 3, 2024

On a July summer's day, 11 talented young musicians from Future Talent had the unique opportunity to perform at the Budleigh Music Festival. The ensemble, including Myeongsuk, George, Klara, Nahuel, Yuma, Cole, Allegra, Elizabeth, Yoko, Robyn, and Mila, travelled from near and far to share their passion for music to a full audience of eager school children.

The performance at Budleigh Music Festival was the world premiere of Ataya Sonata, a captivating new piece by the renowned Kora player Seckou Keita. Guided by the insightful conductor Jason, our musicians and audience learned that Ataya Sonata draws inspiration from the simple yet profound act of tea-drinking at different times of the day. This concept brought a unique cultural flavour to the performance, enriching their understanding of the diverse sources of musical inspiration which is prevalent throughout the complex rhythms and syncopation in the piece.

Photo: Tom Hurley for Budleigh Music Festival

Seckou introduced the Kora, a traditional Senegalese instrument with strings made from fishing line. He shared its rich heritage and the intricate craftsmanship involved in its creation, fascinating both our musicians and their young audience. The performance itself was a blend of elegance and enthusiasm, resonating deeply with the schoolchildren, who responded with rapt attention and excitement – with some even pretending to play their own Kora!

Photo: Tom Hurley for Budleigh Music Festival

After the educational performance, our young musicians and their families took advantage of Budleigh’s beautiful seaside location. Some even ventured into the water for a refreshing paddleboarding session, while others enjoyed a leisurely stroll along the beach. The day was filled with laughter, ice cream, and even a mischievous seagull that managed to steal an apple from one of our group members!

Photo: Tom Hurley for Budleigh Music Festival

This memorable day at the Budleigh Music Festival was more than just a performance. It was an exploration of new musical landscapes, an opportunity to engage with a young, eager audience, and a day of bonding and fun by the sea. We are incredibly proud of our musicians for their dedication and talent, and grateful to Seckou, Jason and all at Budleigh Music Festival for their invaluable contributions to this unforgettable experience.

Jumping for joy
A trip to the beach!

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